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Erika S. Boston, MA


Pretty awesome for a grill with an "e".

Get the nachos with the black-bean-and-corn-stuff (it's some sort of salad topping they have) instead of meat. Amazing. They're huge and delicious and you won't want food after that, but you'll probably order it anyway, because that's what happens at restaurants.

The grilled veggie pizza is also fabulous. The veggies are actually grilled, like, with black grill marks on them, and the seasonings are perfect. Did I mention goat cheese? NOM NOM NOM.

They have a full bar and make great drinks. They're on the small side though. Oh, and I find it annoying when places have a full bar but don't have a drink menu. It's more interesting if they have some concoctions, plus people are going to spend more that way. Word.

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